About us

Fridge Creative is a boutique design agency based in Hoxton, London.


We provide a wide range of design solutions, from branding to promotion, and illustration to information design.

At Fridge, we believe that great design comes through knowing our clients - after all, no two products and no two companies are the same. So our team of designers work closely with our clients to ensure a bespoke design service that is tailored to your needs alone.

While we've been around the block (Fridge is over ten years old), we have deliberately chosen to stay small so that we can stay responsive. When you work with Fridge, you won't be dealing with a nameless, faceless bunch who think they know best. You'll just be getting passionate, professional and friendly designers who are willing to listen to what you need, and will come up with a creative design solution.


A selection of our past and present clients...